Angie's List fellow, Rich Downey

Indy Tech fellow, Rich Downey

My name is Richard Downey, and I’m a 2017 graduate of the Ball State University computer science program! I first began coding my freshman year of college. After just one semester, I applied and was hired with the Digital Corps, where I learned about coding and so much more and was able to work on real world projects with all sorts of people from my own and other technical and creative fields.

Even though I’ve only been coding for about five years, my interest and passion for it goes back to my adolescence and playing Halo. I thought it was amazing that someone could make something so fun, entertaining, and complicated out of basically just words. As I grew up, I continued gaming, competing for sponsors, charity, and just for fun for many years and only just recently stopped in order direct my focus toward my education and career. I had all but forgotten about my previous interest in CS when college rolled around, but as I was finding the right major for me, I rediscovered my passion for it.

Since then I’ve worked on many different types of projects using all kinds of languages, frameworks, and softwares. I love problem solving and helping other’s fix bugs. I have a drive to find the best possible solution and deliver the best possible product. I strive to always learn new things and push my boundaries and abilities in my field.
To read more about my work, please visit my Projects page or view my résumé here, and feel free to contact me with any inquiries!