Ball State Field Trips is a multi-platform application developed to provide an immersive experience teaching Indiana’s history to the state’s 3rd to 5th graders. It was the revamping of a former Ball State program which used a live PBS program to teach children a wide variety of subjects. We kept the live show and added an iPad app and Web app as  second screen experience. You can read more about BSU Field Trips here.

I co-led this project throughout the process, lasting from March to around December 2016.

Project Components



Development Technology

  • AngularJS
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Swift
  • AWS

My Roles

  • Development Team Leads
    • Code review
    • Managing and assigning tasks
  • Angular Admin PanelEFT admin panel
  • PHP Backend
    • Help create endpoints to create, read, update, and delete items from the admin panel.
    • Help create functionality to upload images and videos to AWS.
  • Node Backend
    • Create all endpoints needed to get data from database to the apps.
    • Create logic to get pushed events from admin panel and emit them to the apps.
  • iPad 360 video player
    • Implement and modify a 360 degree video player that allows users to move an iPad around and move their perspectives in the video.


  • Team/inter-team communication
    • Due to the scale of the project, communication was key to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Learning Node
    • Writing the entire backend.
  • iOS Development
    • Had very little prior experience working with Swift or Objective C.
  • Hard Set Deadlines
    • Not only for myself, but making sure my team did as well.
  • Fixing bugs on admin panel
    • Constant changes led to many bugs being inadvertently created.

Skills Gained

  • NodeJS development
  • Communication between varying disciplines.
  • Ability to read and debug different styles of code written by other developers.
  • Ability to keep a cool head and achieve milestones when hard-set deadlines neared
Check out the web version here