The Digital Corps of Ball State was asked by Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS) to give their website a modern redesign. The project was completed through the collaborative work of student designers/developers, Digital Corps Staff and the Executive Director of IPBS Roger Rhodes.

IPBS After

After Redesign

IPBS Before

Before Redesign

Development Technology

  • WordPress: Chosen for its plethora of plugins and simple admin panel to ensure that the client needed minimal technology knowhow.
  • Velocity.JS:  Chosen for the smoothness of animations in comparison to jQuery’s animations.
  • AngularJS 2.0: Chosen for its object-oriented style of data, component based system and for a new framework to try out.

My Roles

  • Create a map animation of Indiana broadcasting stations from a given SVG image using Velocity.JS.
Map Before


Map After


  • Create a quote generator for station spot times to replace the previous spreadsheet system using AngularJS 2.0

Final Page After Inputs


  • Creating a clean, user-friendly WordPress post type with appropriate fields to match various spreadsheet parameters.
  • Switching from Javascript to Typescript with the transition from Angular 1 to 2.

Skills Gained

  • How to use Typescript via Angular 2.0
  • Animating SVG images via Velocity.JS
  • Usage of the WordPress template hierarchy


Check out the site here