ResDesk is a project that my group of four senior computer science majors have undertaken for our senior capstone software engineering class. We joined with Housing and Residence Life Department on campus to try to give back to Ball State before graduation. Currently the desk staff at the campus dorms do not have a single way of completing their daily work, for checking students in and out, organizing mail, etc. Right now, they either use Excel spreadsheets or simple paper systems, and each dorm is independent of the others. Our project’s goal is to create a unified system, via a web application, to allow all dorms to have a consistent and easy way to complete their daily desk work.



Cash Log


Communication Log



Development Technology

  • Sails
  • MongoDB
  • Swagger
  • JSDocs
  • Mocha
  • AngularJS

Project Components

ResDesk uses a microservices architecture to allow for parallel independent development and low coupling between each desk staff service.

  • Directory Service
    • Manages student data stored from data dump provided by the housing and residential life department . Allows users to look up and search for students living in the residence halls.
  • Calendar Service
    • Hub for all desk shifts/schedules. Employees can see their own and other employee’s schedules. Also allows employees to request shift changes with fellow employees.
  • Profile Service
    • Stores extended system information on employees such as user roles, hall, desk, and notifications.
  • Mail Service
    • Sends emails to given email addresses via a ResDesk email account.
  • Communication Service
    • Provides employees with the ability to add and edit communication logs for all users of the system to see.
  • Analytics Service
    • Provides dynamic data about overall system use such as a list of all emails sent.
  • Lockout Service
    • Manages and tracks the number of lockouts a student has gotten.
  • Lost and Found Service
    • Manages found items that are found by resident hall members.
  • Cash Log Service
    • Manages cash flow of desk. Used to track student refunds, postage dues, and general money exchanges

Group Members

  • Richard Downey (me)
  • Matt Reeder
  • Brandon Groff
  • Tara Williams